Our Team

ENG.OLIVET OKUNZUWA (B. Eng. Civil Engineering, Msc. Construction Manager)


  With More than twelve years experience in Mechanical/Engineering Project Management, Olivet is well grounded in the skill of      developing practical solutions that meets both local and international standard. As an accomplished engineering project manager  with a B.Eng in Civil Engineering (Nigeria) and Msc. Construction Management UK. Having acquired professional skills both locally  and internationally, Olivet deploys his expertise to lead a dedicated and highly skilled team.

        CHARLES OKUNZUWA(Bsc. Geo/Planning, PMP)

       Head, Operations

 Okunzuwa has a BSc in Geography and Regional planning and an Associate member of the Nigerian institute of Management. He also  a trained PMPpractitioner. An experienced Project Manager with over 8 years experience covering management of eld operatives  and installations across the country. A professional logistics planning and execution expert. In his past engagement, Charles has  worked with Proximity Nigeria as a regional eld operations manager having supported companies like Guinness , Coca-Cola and  Dul Nigeria limited . Charles Okunzuwa is responsible for planning and implementing projects within the company.

                       KELVIN MBAKWE (Ba. Mass Communications, Diploma Creative Writing)

                         Head, Client Service & Administration

 Kelvin Mbakwe holds a B.A degree in Mass Communication from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. A registered member of the  Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management. He is also an international student of of Writers Bureau (UK). He has over 10 years  experience in HR/Administration and Client Service Management. Kelvin in the course of his professional career has worked for  some of the top leading companies such as UAC Foods, Guinness, Dangote Noodles, Fareast Mercantile ValuCard (now Unied  Payments), Healthcare International, CourierPlus etc. His skill set covers the eld of HR & Admin, Performance Management,  Project Management, Client Service/Account Management Corporate Communications.

                  NED STANLEY IKE (B Tech Processing and storage Technology, Basic Electrical Installation Technology)

               Project Manager - Civil & Electrical

 Ned has over 10 years eld experience in Electrical Installations. He has participated in the successful executions of challenging  projects ranging from residential hybrid power installations to industrial power and machine installations. He has vast experience in  low and medium voltage installations, electrical safety and grounding practices. He is an expert in Grounding and Lightning Arrestor  Technology Has worked extensively for Conoil Apapa installation in electrical installation protection. He was part of 14 Megawatts  tower power generation plant in Otta and the 12.5 Megawatts power generating plant with steam recovery technology for Coronation  Power Ltd. He has worked with Megatech Power Technicians for the installation of hybrid systems in residential homes and lling  stations and many more. Mr Ned is a calm headed team leader with an eagle eye approach to every project. He has a knack for timely  and professional project delivery, for classied and non classied installation zones.


       Project Manager - Installation

 Prior to joining the Olivetti team, Daniel has worked as Field Maintenance Engineer for Innit Oil and Gas c/o Global power solutions  and Zuma Rock Telecoms. He also worked for the following companies; 360 Degree Engineering Ltd. as Installation and maintenance  on IPT power technology solar solution ( 0 - 9kw). Airplus Wireless Ltd. Installation of IPTpower technology solar solution ( 0 - 9kw  ). Avec Soin International Ltd. - Installation of IPT power technology solar solutions ( 0 - 9kw). Provicon Resources Ltd. - installation  and maintenance of Biswal solar power solutions ( 0 - 6 kW). He has a diploma in Business Administration from The Polytechnic  Ibadan. Daniel has worked on several projects that has improved his hands-on experience in the installation of Solar Power Projects among others.