About Olivetti

Olivetti Contractors is an indigenous M&E /Project Management rm that has been in the business of delivering value to it clients.
Our ability to deliver is hinged on our eternal value for a win-win relationship with our clients. Excellence as a way of life, trust, reliability, respect for time, adaptability to meet your expectations and a knack for good results. We depend heavily on relationship to thrive and that is why we are constantly seeking for ways to exceed our customer expectation.
Our business activities serve many sectors nationwide ranging from construction, oil and gas, energy, manufacturing, distribution and special projects for service
industry. Our success is premised on key operational principle and business practice that has endeared us to big and small clients that prioritize speed, efficiency and
customization. Our capacity is enhanced by the strategic alliances we have formed with key partners that gives us access to resources that enables us deliver unbeatable value to our clients while guaranteeing prots for all stakeholders.
We are big on commitment, hence we value relationship. We believe that business thrive when operational competence and service personalization is effectively harnessed to build trust. This creates a bond that guarantees continuity which is the secret of our success as an indigenous company serving a wide range of clientele.

Our Vision

We are committed to delivering quality service that meets the business need of our clients using highly skilled professionals and process in a way that brings about a worthwhile experience.

Our Mission

To be a world-class project support rm that companies and project managers can depend on that works with excellence in delivering value across all parameters.